VW Ventures: The 24-Hour Escape

I close my eyes to the Earth’s surrounding noises, and take a deep breath in and exhale. I hear the ocean’s sirens pulling me with the sound of its rhythmic waves crashing against the rocks and the shore. The breeze runs through the trees and plays the evening symphony in harmony with the ocean. The fire’s warmth projects onto my skin and the crackling fire whispers secrets into my ear. In this very moment, the time has stopped and the earth is still. This evening could not have been more perfect, set up with a camp right along the coast and having the ocean in my backyard for one night.


While spontaneously booking last-minute trips is one of my specialties, sometimes it doesn’t smoothly work out with everyone’s schedules. Four days before Sunday, I booked the trip to Kirk Creek Campground which is approx. 30 miles south of the famous Big Sur along the Pacific Coast Highway. The goal of this trip was to escape before life got crazy, and that is what I did. However, my SO and I had to be back at work at 10 a.m the very next Monday. Crazy right? This means that this little adventure would turn into the 24-hour escape. 7 hours of driving, 7 hours of sleeping, 4 hours of adventure, 2 hours relaxation, and 4 hours of stargazing.

The day started out at 12:30 pm after a delayed morning because sometimes you just have to sleep in a little longer and relax for a little longer. If I was to drive from my house up the coast to the campground, it would have been half the time. However, due to storms last year, there was an intensive mudslide that cut off parts of the Highway thus blocking the shorter route. After 3 1/2 hours of windy detoured roads, we finally arrived at the campground. We adventured and took pictures with the daylight we had left, and settled in when sunset hit the horizon. While watching the sun fall below the Earth, I was cozied into the VW on my new invented car bed. Following the cooked meal over the fire, the night sky made its starry appearance and I marveled over their gorgeous clarity without obstruction from city lights. In addition to the starry show, this evening was part of the Perseid Meteor Shower so we caught a glimpse of multiple of shooting stars. Although the time here was short, I felt that I had a week’s worth of adventure in just one day. With my “Stargazing” playlist on hand that evening and the person I love, my heart and soul were realigned and put back into the focus on the simpler things. One of the greatest things about camping is that you are just one with nature, and it takes your mind away from the stresses of life. If you are an overthinker like me, you may understand the importance of getting out of your own head sometimes.


After shoving all that adventure into 24 hours, I was truly exhausted and ready to go home.  Looking back on the memories and highlights of the day which I mentioned above, I am genuinely appreciative of it. Kirk Creek is a beautiful campground along the ocean and it is a little one at that. Since the mudslides, it has made it difficult to travel up the PCH so any opportunity to revisit the place of many hosted memories; family outings, midnight drives, and the loss of a love. In a few months, my life will encounter big changes and this area will become a nostalgic distant memory. Is your life in the middle of chaos and you feel like you cannot breathe? Think about booking yourself a hotel room or even a camp site. No matter what life style you lead, a 24-Hour Escape could benefit you greatly.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

The next post of VW Ventures will include car camping tips and some camping hacks that I found to be successful. Stay tuned.

Off to Wander,




Liebster Award

I was nominated by Julia from The Glass of Class to take part in the Liebster award. For those who don’t know about the Liebster Award: The award is a way to be discovered but also to connect and support the blogging community. Acknowledging up and coming bloggers for their talent, and being able to read many different blogs through each other. The simple rules are, you choose your nominees and you ask them questions that they will go and answer on their own blog. Those nominees will then choose their own 11 nominees, and ask 11 questions of their choice. (I am a rule breaker and I chose 12)

To read Julia’s Liebster Award Nomination Post, click here.

Here I go.

1. Why did you start blogging?

The reason I started to blog was that I have enjoyed writing ever since a young age, and I find it to be one of my favorite outlets for expressing my creativity. My world at the time felt so small so I created it in hopes that it would open my world back up again.  I have a deep love for adventure, and I want to share my adventure with the world. The blog is still new and developing so there will be more to come in the future, and more interesting reads.

2. What do you do when you get writer’s/blogger’s block?

When I get writer’s block, I just want to lay in bed and watch tv. I feel so unmotivated because I know I have creative things I want to write about, but I just can’t push the right words out of my head. I actually get slightly depressed.  The thing that typically gets me out of my funk, is by leaving my house and being amongst people. Most times I love to go to one of my local coffee shops and plug-in some good jams as well as visualize an inspiring travel memory. Another way I like to get out of my writer’s block is by going somewhere outdoors, and being in nature.

3. What are the best things about your blog?

One of the best things about my blog would have to be the imagery I portray in some of my posts. I like to appeal to my reader’s senses so that it allows them to relive that moment I am describing, as well as engage them in what they are reading. Another thing I would say another one of the best things is the fact that I have a Spotify playlist just for my blog. You can find under the “Latest Travels” or on any of one of my blog posts.

4. What is the biggest advantage of being a blogger?

I think the answer to this question would have to be the blogging community. There is an abundance of support and talent with all the bloggers, and it is really inspiring to be a part of. Whether you are sad or you are happy, most of everyone is there to pick you up or cheer you on.

5. How did you pick your blog name?

Originally my blog name was Hopeless Wanderer which derived from the Mumford and Son’s song. After some time, I realized that the name did not fit me personally so I changed it to Travelling Wanderer. You can see the full answer in a Blogger Spotlight I did here.

6. If you could have dinner with 5 celebrities, who would it be and why?

Gabrielle Aplin, Kristin Wigg, Ellen, Robin Williams, and Morgan Freeman. Why all of these people you ask? Well, I feel like I can relate to all of them in some way and I am mean, who doesn’t want to speak to Morgan Freeman?

7. What is your all time favourite dessert?

Banana pudding with Nilla Wafers.

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

To be honest this is a really hard question to answer since there are so many places in this world I would love to live. If I was to choose one of my all time favorites, I would live in a small town in Greece, learn the language, and completely immerse myself in the culture.

9. What is your favourite animal and why?

Besides my cat Bali, I would have to say my favourite has always been horses. When I was little, I  would pretend I was one (shhh don’t tell anybody) and run around making neighing noises. Of course,  I don’t do that now, I just admire their majestic beauty and wait till the day I can actually own one.

10. What is the one quote you live by?

“The purpose of this glorious life is not simply to endure it, but to soar, stumble and flourish as you learn to fall in love with existence. We were born to live my dear not to merely exist.” Becca Lee

11.What do you hope to achieve in 10 years’ time?

I would like to look back in 10 years’ time, and not regret a single thing I did. My goals are to be in a fulfilling career that doesn’t make me dread work every day, I want to live in a tiny house and be mortgage free, I want to write and travel often, be married, and own a golden retriever. I want to have a simple and fulfilling life.


Now that is done, I call my nominees. All of the nominees that I chose are each very unique and talented souls whose blogs all range in various subjects. Please take a look at their blogs below.

11, or oops 12 Questions for You 

1. Tell us about your blog, and what inspired you to start it?
2. If there’s a takeaway you want visitors to leave your blog with what is it?
3. Describe yourself in three words.
4. Would you explore the deep-sea or outer space?
5. If you could go without sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
6. What advice would you give to new (or even seasoned) bloggers?
7. How do you create new content, when it seems like everything has already been done?
8. What are your top 3 travel destinations?
9. What is your most embarrassing moment?
10. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
11. What do you want to accomplish in this life?
12. Bonus/Optional: where (if applicable ) can readers find you on social media?

This post was so great to do, I am thankful for my nomination. Now, my beautiful nominees go and create your posts and help your own readers get to know you a little better. I look forward to seeing all of them.

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VW Ventures: Car Camping for the First Time

With our fast paced and time sensitive days, taking the time to unplug from all of the social media and phone alerts is beneficial for our sanity. Of course, we all daydream about being whisked away for a weekend, but the majority don’t act upon their urge due to responsibilities or perhaps finances. Although obstacles may be in the way of some, it is important to escape the jungle of work and go to a place that allows you to breathe in freedom and peace.

This past weekend, I ventured off to the Western Sierras where the creeks are dinkey and the trees are towers. The surroundings stole the breath from my body in awe as the woods always seem to do. I didn’t worry about the notifications of twitter or how many likes I got on the latest picture I posted. I focused on the noise of the fire crackling, the engraved lines on the trees, the mountain breeze, and astonishing beauty of my surroundings. I got to swim in a natural pool so refreshing you felt it in your bones and sun bathed on nature’s sun-heated lounge chair, the rock. Later on eating dinner in the evening where the weather could not be more perfect, I took advantage of small moments of that time to be grateful for where I was and who I was with. Only for a few days, you see, so this trip was all about simplicity and keeping things light. I have always camped in a tent with an air mat and a sleeping bag, which this form can be rather complicated sometimes with all of the equipment involved especially when you have to set up at night. I have never gone “glamping,” however, I was up for the challenge to turn my VW Golf into a mini car camper.

Here’s how I did it

The Golf is only a small coupe hatchback, and from the outside, it looks miniature. Don’t judge by the size, as the inside can comfortably fit two people under 6 foot. To make this idea come to life, a platform needed to be built to supplement and serve as an extension of the flat space from the folded down seats. With a plank of wood and four wooden legs, an extra foot was added to the sleeping quarters. At this point, I could have added any type of mat or air mattress, but attempting to keep it budget friendly, I used the gel mat from off my bed. Keep in mind, there are actually mattresses out there that fit the back of your car or tents that properly attach to your hatchback, but of course, I tried to keep it “simple.” This ended up being a mistake since it was not enough plush support and consequently felt like I was sleeping on a cushioned rock. Tossing and turning, I used my giant pillows like Rose from Titanic used the wooden plank in the water to stay afloat and survive the night. Previous to actually sleeping in the car, I attempted to turn the back into a tent since I knew that it would get too warm being enclosed. I took the front of the backpacking tent that I had bought last year and cut up that poor $20 investment. I used the zipper door itself to serve as airflow, and it worked! You want to know how I managed to keep it from blowing away? Binder clips, yes, binder clips. This experiment turned out mediocre since it was the first time, however, it was sure an interesting one. As I continue to experiment, I will share my findings most definitely.

Car camping

What can I say? I am all about the adventure and trying new things. As my trip came to an end, I ended up spending my last day up in the mountains on an emerald-green lake in a small cove eating Doritos. I also got to captain and drive my own boat around the lake for the first time, which was definitely something I needed to check off my bucket list. This small getaway was a treat, and I am appreciative for every moment. Whether you are an avid camper, a once-a-summer camper, or you have never been… go online and book yourself a camping trip. Do it, it’s good for you to wander.

This is the beginning of a mini series called “VW Ventures” where I will be writing about the adventures of car camping and unique camping hacks.

Stayed tuned for a new post this Saturday! 

———-Check out the campground I stayed at!———–

Sierra Nevada Geotourism- Dinkey Creek Campground

Till next time,



Wine on the Wharf


Toasty oak, ripe cherries, smoke, and leather with a hint of strawberry and cedar. All of these flavors in one aroma hit all your senses while you have your nose stuck in that wine glass. As you swish around this blissful wine, you take a sip and it seems to complete this very moment. You close your eyes and take it all in while a faint soundtrack of Frank Sinatra plays in the background taking you back in time. The ocean breeze sweeps you up and you catch yourself swaying to the music and appreciating the warmth on your palette from the Pinot Noir.

On this ordinary Tuesday, I decided to take a drive down to sunny Santa Barbara with a plentiful of wineries and sights to keep your whole day busy. My day started with work intentionally, as I was getting paid to go down there for a day for a secret shopping gig. Being your own boss, you have to find ways to supplement your income, so I took advantage of this opportunity and made an adventure of my day trip. The beginning of my day consisted of me going into different shops to buy alcohol, making sure that the businesses checked my ID. Getting paid to shop for alcohol, why not? I can’t reveal who these businesses were, because (shhh, that’s the secret.) After I finished with all my stops, I had absolutely no plans. The evening sun was shining, and I was quite exhausted from playing Tetris with all the southern California traffic. I had to make a decision before the day wasted away on me. One of my favorite things to do while on a road trip by myself is to just completely wing it and discover new places on my own since 95% of the time I am indecisive. After a look at the map, I decided to go to the classic Stearns Wharf. I gave one of the restaurants a chance, however, I wasn’t really up to paying $25 for a lousy burger and horrible service. I casually walked out without ordering any food or drink and stumbled across the winery. I scurried up those stairs because I was desperately in need for some local wine and a view to die for, on an evening like this. This family owned winery is called Deep Sea Conway Family Wines and has a great mixture of both local members and tourists. The atmosphere was exactly what I needed, and cured my exhaustion instantly. After tasting both whites and reds on my tasting menu, my favorite was their 2013 Pinot Noir, mentioned above.  If you are ever in Santa Barbara, transform your palette with one of their tastings, grab a glass, and sit by the sea.

A short hour went by, and I headed out in search for an ice cream parlor because just like the wine, I always NEED ice cream. I set my sights on McConnell’s on State Street, but due to some unexpected traffic from the local farmers market, I rerouted to a Cold Stone in Goleta. As I drove towards 101, I came across this little gem unexpectedly. The current name of this small parlor is Mission Street Icecream and Yogurt, and guess what? They not only had McConnell’s ice cream, but they were also the original location of the ice cream shop. Of course, I stopped here. When walking into this small establishment, you see all sorts of pictures on the wall from famous people that have visited, so much history here. The girl about my age who was helping me told me the little bit of information that she used to go there when it was McConnells as a kid, so this place had lots of nostalgic memories for her. After thorough consideration of ALL THE TEMPTING FLAVORS, I ended up getting mint chocolate chip with brownie toppings and rainbow sprinkles. Each and every little bite was a taste of ice cream heaven.

While on this mini day trip, I got to enjoy wine and ice cream, my two favorite things. It was neither fancy nor sophisticated like some Santa Barbara trips can be, but it did make me happy. While driving home in my VW like I am on the Autobahn, the sunset sky was painted in a vibrant pink and orange setting over the California hills. During the silence of my aloneness, I thought about the day I had.  For some people, the thought of doing a day trip alone sounds boring because you have no one to talk to, but just remember that when you are alone you get a different perspective than you normally would with family or friends around. You get the opportunity to experience things as you learn about yourself, and you find small inspirations that give a thirst for more adventure. Like vegetables, wandering is beneficial for you and your growth as a person. Since you’re done reading my adventure, go on one of your own and share in the comments.


Featured Places: 

Fabulous Winery: Deep Sea Winery

Delectable Icecream Parlor: Mission Street Icecream

Featured Song: (Listen to it while you read)

Being a Woman: Conquering My Fear of Solo Travelling

A few weeks before I went on my one of first solo trips, I did plenty of research and decided to ask others for their honest opinions regarding the subject of women travelling alone, specifically aimed towards me. To my surprise, quite a few were supportive. however, there were those few who were weary of me travelling alone. Their comments consisted of “Are you really going to go alone, and are you going to have any fun?” or “You should bring a man with you, it is not really safe to go travelling alone.” I was truly not in favor of the negative comments since growing up, those whom were close to me doubted my abilities to accomplish certain things due to the fact I did a lot of things wrong. Living in the shadow of other people’s doubts and opinions, I began to carry my own self doubt. Solo Travelling for me is a way to break that barrier of self doubt and prove to myself that I am capable of doing things successfully on my own.
In this post, I will include 5 simple tips that I have learned from researching as well as from my own experiences. Please keep in mind that I am not an experienced solo traveller, but hopefully some of my tips can help you conquer your fear of making that first solo leap.
When it comes to choosing the right hotel, it can be a tricky process. When I travel, I do my very best to keep a simple budget, so I look for the best deals out there. Important factors for myself when staying in a hotel is cleanliness, area, and reviews. When it comes to cleanliness, you can hone that out by looking at other people’s reviews of the hotel you have your eye on. Pay close attention to the sort of reviews that people leave, doing this can give you a feel for the area and level of service. Do your best to stay in a more populated part of town, and follow your gut if a place does not look right. If you look closely at all three of these factors, you can find yourself a great place to stay. One of my favorite places to look for great hotel deals is Priceline which is where I found a four star hotel on a Saturday night near the ocean for only $150. If you are planning something last minute, you can also try Hotel Tonight which has great deals up to 7 nights ahead of time.

One of the best parts about travelling, is the food. Don’t you agree? Wherever you go, there are always gems out there that have delicious grub. If you want to find where the BEST food is, ask the locals! The locals know the town they live like the back of their hand, and most definitely have a great recommendation up their sleeve.(Just be skeptical of whom you approach, of course.)

Eating Alone?  One common fear that women can have, is eating at a restaurant alone whether it be fancy or simple, this fear still stops some for taking a table for one. Do not be afraid to take yourself out on a date and be confident in your own company. If you want to be social, then choose a place where you can do this to your heart’s content. If you do not want to be bothered, maybe try wearing a fake wedding ring (if you are not married or engaged) and shoo away those who try to interrupt your feast. I tend to just keep to myself, since I typically like to savor my food and paired wine in peace. Find somewhere great to eat, and bring out your inner foodie.

This tip should apply throughout the entirety of your trip, you can never be too cautious when being alone. During the daytime, keep your items close to you at all times to avoid pick-pocketing or thieves while enjoying your sights. At night, be sure to know your surroundings especially when you are in a big city. If you are going to be enjoying the nightlife, always watch your drinks and when you leave a club or a bar, always make sure to know who is around you. Unfortunately, being in the society we are in, women are seen as prey and vulnerable. When I am alone at night, I tend to stay on high alert ready to bring out my inner ninja if I need to. Keep that pepper spray close, and try to resist that guy in a van offering chicken nuggets. Don’t even think about it.

While travelling alone, it is all about YOU. Whether you planned months ahead for this trip or you woke up one day deciding to take one, do activities that you truly take pleasure in doing. To find great local deals, check out Groupon to see if they are offering something that you can enjoy for a great price. If you want to veg in your hotel room while watching Netflix, do it. If you want to go out and Instagram all those beautiful places, do it. If you want to relax on the beach with your head buried in a book, do it. If you want to take off your pants like I did and run into the ocean in your leopard print knickers, DO IT. Anything you want, a solo trip is all about you girl.

There can be so much hesitation in being by yourself, and this is not something to be ashamed of. We have all been there, and it is something you have to find for yourself. Whether you are a social butterfly, a lonely soul, or a combination of both; finding the confidence to be in your own company is something that can be so rewarding for you and your personal growth as a woman. If others doubt you and your ability to travel alone, trust yourself and your ability without letting doubt get in your way. As long you as you plan and travel safely, you will be fine.

With these five tips, hopefully you have some inspiration to plan your next trip, expand your horizon, and fly solo. Be confident that you are able to accomplish something such as packing up your things, travelling to a unfamiliar place, and surrendering the self-doubt you have within yourself to feel truly free and travel.  Being a solo traveller is not as scary as it may seem, so go out and explore the world outside your door. If I am able to do it, so can you.

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Alone, but Not Lonely

A few months back, my life was enveloped with stress and chaos making it so I felt like everyday I was squeezed in a little box that I could not escape. Being my curious self, I decided to plan a little weekend getaway in hopes that I would escape the raging thoughts and stresses of life to relax and explore an area by myself. As a kid, I travelled quite frequently going from state to state and sometimes out of the country. As an adult though, my solo travelling identity was something that I was unfamiliar with and did not have a clue how I would handle the challenge. I read various articles on places that I could go solo, and somewhat attempted to fit a relaxing vacation into one weekend. However, I began to doubt that I would find somewhere to enjoy in such a short amount of time. After some final thought, I decided to aim my weekend towards driving to Monterey since it is a nostalgic place for me.

After I got to Monterey, I arrived at a beautiful hotel and a room that provided a view of the sunset over the harbor. The first thing I did was order myself a tall glass of wine, and leaned over the balcony just appreciating the moment I had and where I was. Usually when you travel, especially with others, sometimes there is a pressure to go out and be social. Well, the great thing about this trip was that I could do what I wanted and go where I wanted without the pressure of others. I am not saying that being with others is not a good thing, but sometimes you just got to do what you want to do. After finishing the room service I ordered for myself, the bed pulled me into a well deserved good night’s rest.

As the morning sun hit my room, I woke up without an alarm and the freedom of a whole new day to explore the city I travelled to. Naturally, I started to crave my morning coffee so I hurried, got dressed, and hit the road. I wasn’t really sure of a specific place to go, so I decided to go explore for a breakfast place (obviously). After hitting a non-touristy part of town, I discovered a hole in the wall breakfast cafe that looked appealing. I finally had my coffee, and decided to go with a breakfast Panini which to be frank was the best I have EVER had. Even though I wasn’t from around there, this little cafe and the locals made me feel right at home. I believe this feeling is important to have when you travel to a new place, because it gives you a sense of home wherever you are and wherever you go. Embracing this lovely feeling, Cannery Row was next on my list. Once arrived and keeping to myself, I walked down to the small beach and found a warm spot on the sand so that I could get lost in my new book. Although there was loud background noise, I quickly forgot my surroundings and enjoyed the peace of not having to worry about a thing. The book I was reading was focused on doing exactly what I was doing in that moment, taking time away from my busy life to focus on myself and explore the places around me. In this moment in time, I was truly content.

A while later, I chose this restaurant that was nestled right next to the cliff overlooking the light blue sea, causing me to feel like I was in this exotic place halfway across the world about to eat my lunch. I thoroughly appreciated this experience, as the food was great and the cocktail made the experience OH so much better. This was sadly, the end of my miniature adventure. I missed home, and I wanted to get on the road before traffic hit. As I drove home, I really pondered the substantial growth that I had gone through. This trip was a learning curve for me, and really assisted with me being able to handle travelling without anyone else to rely on. One thing I learned about myself, is that being alone on

a trip is not as scary as I thought it would be. Actually, I felt quite comfortable and enjoyed the time to myself. Another thing I learned, is that I like to keep my schedule simple and open and not having a precise time slot for every activity. Keeping it simple such as reading a book on the beach or just browsing the area without a plan. Travelling alone is something that everyone should do in their lifetime, no matter how long or how short. You can really learn great things about yourself, and explore without limits. Go wander, it’s good for you.

– In a future post, I am going to be giving some tips that I learned for myself in regards to travelling alone as a woman. It is important to get education on it, and keep yourself safe in any situation. Stay tuned for next time.

If you are interested in the places I went to in Monterey, please follow the links below.

Hotel: https://www.portolahotel.com/
Cafe: http://www.coffeemia.com/
Lunch: http://www.lallaoceansidegrill.com/

Not All those Who Wander are Lost…

If you were given the chance, would you leave your job and really take time for yourself to do what you wanted to do without having to worry about money or the complicated stresses of this world? Well, let me tell you this, if you ever get the chance I can guarantee you will not regret your decision. As of last Friday, it was the last day of my job (a little earlier than expected) and I could not be any happier that it was. Everyday was a suffocation, and slowly it drained all the energy I had out of my soul. Well, that time is over with and now on to bigger and brighter things. Such as? Over the past week, I have enjoyed the more simpler things, for example being able to go to bed at night and not lay there awake thinking of the dread that accompanies the following day. My favorite of all is going out on my patio when I wake up, feeling the warm morning sun, and drinking my french roast while smelling the fresh ocean air. This is the most satisfying type of peace in my opinion, and I wish I had found it a long time ago.

Even though it has only been a short time that I have been able to take advantage of my own freedom, I admit that it is one of the best decisions I have made in a while. This decision is to focus on my own happiness. In this busy world, most are on auto-pilot working throughout their whole life, then one day they open their eyes to a youth they once had; gone and far away. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the wants of this world such as the fanciest car or the fanciest house, that we forget to focus on what we need. We need to make happiness a focus, and not worry about the superficial things that bring temporary happiness. This realization is not a life style, but a mindset. Even in the littlest moments of your day, you can focus on happiness in the truest form.

Now that I actually have time to sit and ponder my future plans, I realize there is so much to do in regards to getting ready for Oregon. Currently, I am nested in a condo which inhabits two floors of both treasures and unnecessary things. One of my goals is to sell 75% of it, and have only the minimum of what a person does need. I don’t really think I need 10 pairs of pants, do you? I definitely do not think so, since some don’t even fit me anymore. (Honestly, I think it was all the churros I ate last night.) One step forward towards minimalism.

In the near future, it is a plan to go explore different parts of Oregon to see which one would be the best fit. It does need to be near a good school that offers a Vet Tech program and preferably somewhere near the ocean or a lake. Not a big wish list in regards to where I am, as long as I am in Oregon. Farther travels are coming in the near future, however I am always a frequent wanderer; such as going out on Highway 1 to find a place by the sea, clear skies where you can see the star clusters’ light reflecting on the bustling sea and smell the midnight air. If you have never gone stargazing in the middle of the night near the sea, I would 100% recommend it. you are lost, go wander and maybe you will discover something you never knew.

Life is an Adventure, Take the Risk

It has almost been a week since I wrote the “Intro to a New Chapter,” and oh BOY how things can change fast even within a week. Since the last time I wrote, I finally got all registered for school after two weeks of trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. I ran into some obstacles along the way like skipping steps of the registration process, oops. However, all that mess is over and now I am ready to hit the books next month… or am I? A few days ago, I decided that I wanted to go for the impossible and fight for the chance to work at my current company part-time while I do my fall semester. Keep in mind, this not something that is currently offered, except in the sales department for an associate position which is currently at the bottom of the food chain here. Worst case scenario, they say no and then I have to find a job that is low-key and works around my schedule. I also found out last night that my landlord is letting me off the hook and letting me leave a few months early from my current lease and apartment I am renting. Breaking free from those commitment chains sooner than I thought, woo-hoo!

If I could afford to quit tomorrow and go to school up in Oregon, I would take that opportunity. The place I currently live, is beautiful and one of the most sought after places in California. However, when you have memories from old friends and experiences that weigh on you like an anchor around your neck, would you want to stay? There is a lot of negativity surrounding my hometown, and I just want to break free of that. Being in my early 20’s, I want to break out of the “norm” to travel and experience things that are way out of my comfort zone and start fresh beginnings. I want to sell all my stuff, and I want to join the tiny house movement. Yes, besides school, joining the tiny house movement has been a goal of mine for quite sometime. Financial freedom, the ability to take your home anywhere, and a house that is all yours? These five months could not end soon enough! Things are constantly changing for me, and I am constantly growing as a person. Being young is so complicated because half the time I don’t know what I am doing or why I am making the decisions I am, however, I do know that I want to work with animals and I want to experience new places in a home that is all mine. I can’t express enough, how excited I am for the future.

Over the next month, there are so many things that will be happening so stayed tuned.

Take a peek at some of my favorite articles that helped me make the decision to join the tiny house movement. As I will be discussing this in future blog posts in the future.

What is the tiny house movement?
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Intro to a New Chapter

Sitting at a desk inside a fluorescent lighted office, while staring at the clock wondering when it will finally hit 6 o’clock. This time for me symbolizes the freedom from my long 9-hour work day, where I have dedicated countless hours towards a position that does not give me the happiness or satisfaction that I want out of life. Statistics say that 7 out of 10 employees are disengaged at work, and not working to their full potential. I definitely do not want to be a part of that statistic, so I decided to change my career path and follow my drive to do something that really makes me feel excited about waking up each morning.

To follow through with this career change, it means that I have to quit my full time job currently and start going to school to study Veterinarian Science. I know in this day in age when you find a sturdy job that pays your bills on time and feeds your coffee addiction, you feel obligated to keep it. Oh, and not to mention when you still carry debt from a time when you thought credit cards were the best thing because you didn’t get that immediate debit from your cash flow. In a month and a half, I will quit my steady job and work part time somewhere near my home.

To be honest, I am terrified to take this leap and let go, but at the same time I am excited that I can actually have time to enjoy life again. I will get to experience the life change from going to a full-time employee at a high end company to full time student studying all the time. Thus far I have learned quite a bit from the change I am making, and can’t wait to look back a few years from now to see the accomplishments I made.

Whether you happened to curiously wander onto this page, or you have been here before… stay tuned. I will have some tips and tricks to share in the future, as well as experiences that I have along the way. 

Small tip: Take the time to smell the damn roses, and do something each day that you enjoy that will allow you to feel revitalized and refreshed. This world is stressful, you need it.

Till next time.  

Yosemite Bound

As the day light disappeared, you start to feel the crisp breeze. You’re sitting next to the fire where you soak the heat right up as your enveloped in your coziest clothes. You’re slowly sipping your hot cocoa with bourbon as your worries melt away. Sitting next to the person you love and listening to soft music in the background, that moment is perfect. 

 Yosemite was absolutely beautiful during this time of year, of course it came with lots of rain and lots of cold. Being well prepared for winter camping is definitely important, it requires lots of bundle and tent protection. Maybe bring along an extra tarp, long johns, extra hot cocoa, alcohol, and you are ALL set. There were parts of the trip that I wished we were in a cozy trailer with all of the accommodations of comfort, but glamping isn’t really my thing. I have always been a tent camper, even though sometimes it can be uncomfortable.
“It is always about the adventure,” I try to tell myself. 

On this trip we had quite the adventure; driving along Tioga Pass surpassing snowy mountains, driving on a dirt road to Travertine Hot Springs in the middle of nowhere, or just watching the falls gushing with water.

I enjoyed being able to see the falls so abundant with water, and the rivers flowing high. With this drought, seeing high amounts of water in one place was somewhat overwhelmingly amazing. How sad, but true.

My favorite part was when we went through Tioga Pass and caught glimpses of this year’s winter. We drove by Tuolumne, and it was pretty much a ghost town without its summer visitors. Our destination was Travertine Hot Springs. Word of advice: never trust google maps getting to this place, it will pretty much lead you to a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. We didn’t end up finding it due to lack of research, but the adventure there in the end was fun.

Due to the weather, there wasn’t a bunch of physical activity, relaxation was more of the main enjoyment of this trip. It was a beauty during this time of the year and if you are looking to wander in Yosemite during the winter months, just make sure you are well prepared.  

Thanks for reading. 

~Off to Wander~ 

A Camp By the Sea

There is nothing more soul satisfying than being lodged in a cozy campsite with only the faint sounds of the ocean rising on the shore and air blowing between the trees. Nestled between the trees while drinking mimosas and taking in the fresh ocean breeze. Sometimes taking a weekend getaway is needed to really take a step back from reality and the hustle and bustle of busy life. No signal, no stress. Just focused on the next drink you will pour or the laughs you will have.


Camping with me I have to say is an adventure every time. At times I really just don’t want to help when it comes to loading and unloading the gear, I just want to get right to drinking and eating, as well as just take a nice afternoon nap. Once I had a job of going to the store and getting food and I shamelessly got food from the dollar store (which included hot dogs that tasted like rubber bands) because at the time I was moving and on a budget. If I do help, I provide a nice silence while stargazing and the best camping playlist you will listen too.


Not everything always goes as planned. This last time camping, hence the title “A Camp by the Sea” was a lovely little campground near Hearst Castle. Camping with a $20 dollar backpacking tent skipping the convenience of a big well-made tent as well as a twin air mattress that holds air for about 10 minutes until it is flat to the ground. It was a weekend trip I thought, so my SO and I went for the little adventure. Knowing that we didn’t have the convenience of a nearby Walmart or hardware store, we just got duck tape and taped that mattress to its last air leak. The night passes with lots of tossing and turning to discover in the morning, heavy fog left the tent completely damp. Sharing a twin sized mattress near to the ground in a wet tent, this was relationship challenging. Topping off that, in the morning making coffee half awake with an unfamiliar camping coffee perculator which somehow managed to give us enough energy to pack up what we had and head home. Not to mention, I cut up that air mattress because you don’t mess with my sleep. Well, *shrugs shoulder*  the neighbors thought it was funny. Anyways, camping with me can be exciting, yet a challenge but it always turns into a funny story later.

Needless to say, camping is a wonderful way to release stress in nature and really enjoy the simpler things. My favorite thing about the whole thing was being with someone I love, and watching the stars and hearing the ocean. It’s always an adventure when you’re with me. I always encourage a little wandering in life.

Thanks for reading.

Off to wander.

Hopelessly Wandering to Find Ourselves

“When your world moves too fast and you lose yourself in the chaos,

introduce yourself to each color of the sunset.

Reacquaint yourself with the Earth beneath your feet. 

Thank the air that surrounds you, with every breath you take. 

Find yourself in the appreciation of life.”

From the sleepless nights to the adventure filled days, each minute and second we are taking everything in and learning new things. We study those around us, and our surroundings and discovering new ways and things. The hardest thing although, is to discover ourselves. Each experience we’ve gone through is a mark on our life, sculpting who we are and who we will be.

The question is, how do we control that process?